Eldorado 2017
iraqi soundscapes (2012-2013)

Anti-disciplinary piece
Cognition lab
Consciousness studies
Deep learning
Ethnocentrism paradigm shift
Experiential & intuitive learning
Documentary soundscape
Practise-based research
Technoetic art
Virtual reality

Eldorado 2017 (Iraqi soundscapes 2012 - 2013) developped under Unity 3d is an experiential, anthropological and cognition system based on three-dimensional virtual reality. It enables poetical and emotional experimentation for the participant and permits a new approach on human studies through immersive and interactive learning processes. As a traveller, the occidental participant discovers unknown soundscapes whereby they can only relate through their own emotional processes and interpretations. The oriental participant could interact with some of the langages spoken in the recorded spatialised sounds that they will encounter whilst walking on the platform.

This territory is Iraq at a time of global warming. The sounds were recorded all around the country before the rise of Isis, in 2012 - 2013. Through a serious gaming system we can now enter the unconscious and subjective memory, meteorology of a territory, its complexities and populations semiotics expressed before a civil war, untranslated.

Eldorado 2017 (iraqi soundscapes 2012-2013) is actually being exhibited during "Mesopotamia no Brasil" at the french alliance of Bota Fogo.

Eldorado 2017 (iraqi soundscapes 2012-2013) was selected for the BunB 2017 balance-unbalance 2017 on the 21st-23rd august 2017 – a sense of place [arts + sciences x technology = environment / responsibility] at i-dat, immersive vision theatre, plymouth university, Uk.

23rd-27th october 2017 - work presentation at the 25th acm multimedia m, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California, Usa