Barricadas Misteriosas - Mystérieuses Barricades, Spain.
exhibition/sound installation
One year residency at the french Academy, Casa de Velázquez, in Madrid, Spain.

Leading personal research and artistic project about the remains of the spanish civil war and it's memory. Theorizing the use of documentary photography regarding conflict memories in correlation with other media and new technologies, particularly the open source pure data system.

The Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica, Salamanca, the association Gefrema and Carl VH, are of a great help for locations, archives and documentation research.

memory diffusion system developed specially during the Barricadas research.

2013 - 2014
exposición / instalación sonora

Residencia de un año en la Academia de francés, la Casa de Velázquez, en Madrid, España.

El liderazgo en investigación y proyecto artístico sobre los restos de la guerra civil española y su memoria. La teorización del uso de la fotografía documental en relación con los recuerdos de conflicto en relación con otros medios de comunicación y las nuevas tecnologías, en particular el sistema de datos de código pure data.

El Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica, Salamanca, la asociación Gefrema y Carl VH, son de una gran ayuda para las ubicaciones, los archivos y la investigación documentación.

Project & researches
project & investigaciones, sound instalation design, sound recording, photography: Edouard Beau
programed by Miguel Oliveros after the work of sonification of Pr. Lindsey Bedford and programming technical advices of Pr. Jaime Munarriz Ortiz and Pr. Juan Antonio Leo after original draws by Edouard Beau

Text and concept idea by Edouard Beau (2014):
Las Barricadas Misteriosas is an immersive audiovisual installation project concerning the memory of the Spanish civil war. Starting from the impossibility of writing an objective history, this installation proposes to carry a particular view of the Spanish civil conflict through a notion that lies at the crossroads of cognitive sciences; of the study of dreams, of the unconscious and of the trauma (traum): the experience of recall, the flashback. An immersive environment is created that treats the memory of a conflict by constructing an atmosphere, using sound and photographs. The atmosphere generates an integration of related sound information from archives of the conflict. The gaze of the participant rests on the photographs, thus provoking a sensory experience: a resurgence of the memory beyond the visible wounds and closer to the psychic pains and amnesia engendered by this conflict. It is a question here of treating memory by proposing, without moving, to perform four displacements of different forms and different aspects: an historical displacement by a temporal compression between the past and the actual time; a Spanish journey through the photographs, and its poetics; a comparison of the contemporary Spanish world to historical events and finally a paradigm shift in the perceptions of a given event. I have tried to create an autonomous and complex structure of diffusion using sound documents. The structure works as a brain and contains a number of period documents as well as sound recordings made at the historic sites. A stochastic diffusion system as well as detection of stimuli has been integrated using PureData, and tries to get closer to the functioning of the brain by the formation of images or mental words. The voice or sounds emitted by the participant create an interaction, finding their echo in the system of diffusion, and engage in destructure of the narrative. This diffusion system recreates the 'mirror effect' which in clinical cases attenuates phantom pain due to trauma. Assuming that each of these sources is a potential memory of this period, the system of diffusion mimics the memory which can be permanently activated by an external stimulus which would modify the evolution of its content as well as the nature of the sounds produced and which resurfaces at the participants' consciousness. A mass of historical information collides here and is utilised by the technique of assembly in cut-up, resulting in a deconstruction of the narrative and the mode of narration. The encounter of the present and collective memories allows the participant an analysis of the facts passed through the causal links that they have with their present lives. The use of a random and chaotic system makes it possible to the affect that can be put by the creator in his work. Like some painters or writers, I wish to encourage involuntary gestures, without seeking to control the documentary material or favour direct interpretation by others. The deconstruction of the chronology leaves the participant free to interpret the different combinations of meaning, contradictions and anachronisms. The piece is intended to encourage the participant to feel emotions about the collective memory of a European trauma.
Edouard Beau (Madrid, 2014)

24th-27th august 2017 - las barricadas misteriosas (spain) 2014 & eldorado (iraq) 2017 selected for the international festival of creativity, innovation & digital culture espacio enter canarias 2017, 9th edition in the generative art section at the tenerife espacio de las artes, tenerife, canarias, spain
fb event

Licence Creative Commons
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24th-27th august 2017 - las barricadas misteriosas (spain) 2014 & eldorado (iraq) 2017 selected for the international festival of creativity, innovation & digital culture espacio enter canarias 2017, 9th edition in the generative art section at the tenerife espacio de las artes, tenerife, canarias, spain fb event

Yebra de Basa, Spain 2014.

Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain 2014.

Iglesia, Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain 2014.

22M, plaza Atocha, Madrid, Spain, 2014.

Los Molinos, spain 2014.

Parque del Oeste, Madrid, Spain 2014.

Senegüe, Spain 2014.

Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid, Spain, 2014.

Plaza de Zocodover, Toledo, Spain 2014.

Ruta Orwell, Alcubierre, Spain 2014.


Montearagon, Huesca, Spain, 2014.


Puerto de Guadarrama, Spain 2014.

11th december 2014 - 18 decembre 2014 - las barricadas misteriosas itinerance 2014 - exposition des artistes de la casa de velazquez, french academy in madrid - 2013-2014 - galerie éof, paris, france / con Alicia Araque y Xavier Baudouin